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About Us


Wings robotics believe that education system is the back bone for development of a country .The development and competitive power of a country depends on development of industry based on scientific knowledge. Robotics has been the driving force in the education system of USA, Japan and Europe… the base for its scientific knowledge and industry.

Visionary Bill Gates, the Japanese Robotics Association and the European Commission has something in common: they all believe robotics will be as important tomorrow as computers are today. This means all future engineers, Doctors, scientists, Technocrats and researchers in applied sciences will benefit from learning about robotics.

Educationists with rich experience internationally are of the view that STEM Education is the future of the world. The crucial time for understanding math and science is in the middle and high school, and the foundation of every successful doctor, Engineer or businessman (or women) is based on solid understanding of math’s and science.

Robotic Education brings Creativity, Innovativeness and, Analytical ability in addition to self confidence and team work which is lacking in our education system, which is essential for national integration and nation building.

Wings Robotics with a team of engineers and educationist have developed modules which are tailor made for ICSE, CBSE, IGSE and Indian school course curriculum, have developed training materials and have also built a team of trainers for training and development in the robotics.




Wings Robotics and Novatech Robo has exclusive access to Robotic Interactive learning Environment (RILE) course materials for Maths and Science specially developed by highly qualified faculty from University of West Florida (UWF) USA in association with iSpace USA based on the course curriculum of Indian ICSE and CBSE and IGCSE. As well as on line access to robots in robotic lab developed by RILE in USA under MOU dated 14th Feb 2013 - It is beyond the class room learning.

Robofest, by Lawrence Technological University Michigan USA. An international Competition, an effective way for students to learn their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum in a Fun and Entertaining way. Novatech Robo has exclusive access to this program in India and Middle East.

Future of Robotics:

Ever consider the Future of Robotics? What will it really be like? Did Science Fiction get it right, if not how close were they? Will robots be everywhere and involved in every aspect of life? Will robots eventually take over all the modern Factories; will robots be making robots too? Which sectors will we see robots excel in? Will we see more?

  • Robots in Commerce – Retail, Services, Fields,
  • Robots in the home – Maids, Washing Car, Doing Chores, Mowing the Lawn,
  • Robots in Security – Guards, Guard Dogs, Bomb Sniffers, Bomb Squads,
  • Robots to the Rescue – FEMA, Earthquake, Hurricanes, Wild Fires
  • Robots for the Weather and Environment – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Robots in Transportation – Light Rail, Cars, Aircraft
  • Robots in Distribution – Trains, Warehouses
  • Robotic Androids – Assistants, Mentors, Educators
  • Robots and Artificial Intelligence – Thinking Machines and Systems
  • Robots in the Military – Smart Munitions, Net-Centric Systems, UAVs
  • Robots in Education– Institution across the world are looking for robotic trainers.
  • Robots in Entertainment- Robots in competition and film industry are in great demand.


As you can see from this partial list, subject; The Future of Robotics indeed warrants a bit of discussion on this subject. The Robots and Robotics of the future will shape our societies and civilizations forever. Are we ready for the runway ahead? Who will design, build, market and repair all these robots and robotic machines? Is our education system up for the challenge to fulfil the future needs in these industries?
Let us contemplate the changes in life style, standard of living and quality of life, as robots do our dirty work, do our jobs and simplify our lives. We must now consider this future, as it is rapidly approaching and has already started, soon it will be; Robots, Robots Everywhere.