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WinGs Robotics

Automation Simplified: Your Innovation, One Step Ahead!

WinGs Operating Studio (WOS)

Discover WOS (WinGs Operating Studio), a revolutionary Robotics Operating System. It enables seamless integration of robotics hardware with advanced and fundamental APIs, tailored for both experts and novices in robotics. Key features include:

  • Core Functionality: Transforms robotics hardware into easily accessible resources.

  • User Friendly: Intuitive human-machine interaction.

  • Low/No Codes: Visual Programming with modularized code blocks

  • Development and Deployment: Simplified process.

  • Advanced Features: Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

  • Compatibility: Supports most manufacturers.

  • Cloud Ready: Facilitates rapid scaling.


Introducing STR400, a marvel of precision and efficiency in the world of automation. With its advanced design and capabilities, this robotic arms stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering and user-friendly technology.

  • Design: 6 DOF, Carbon Fiber Cover, Six Harmonic Reducer Joints

  • Performance: 1.5 kg Payload, 2.8 kg Self-Weight, ±0.05 mm Repeatability, 430 mm Reach

  • Programming Compatibility: Python, C, C++, and more!

  • Control Interface: Web-Based, Compatible with Windows and Linux

  • Safety Features: Overload and Voltage Protection


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