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Discover the STR400, a pinnacle of automation, expertly crafted for unparalleled precision and efficiency. This advanced robotic arm showcases a sleek, six-degree-of-freedom design with a carbon fiber cover and harmonic reducer joints, ensuring smooth, precise movements.


It excels in performance with a 1.5 kg payload, lightweight frame, and exceptional ±0.05 mm repeatability over a 430 mm reach. Designed for versatility, the STR400 supports an array of programming languages including Python, C, and C++, and offers a user-friendly, web-based control interface compatible with Windows and Linux.


Unmatched Precision

The STR400 robotic arm sets new standards in precision automation, boasting an exceptional ±0.05 mm repeatability. Its advanced design ensures flawless execution of intricate tasks, making it an indispensable asset in precision-critical industries. With the STR400, superior accuracy is not just promised—it's delivered with every movement.


Streamlined and Versatile Programming

The STR400 features user-friendly programming interfaces for easy setup and operation, suitable for both expert programmers and robotics beginners. Our intuitive interfaces ensure a seamless user experience. Moreover, with API support for various programming languages including Python, the robotic arm offers versatile and advanced control, adaptable to any project requirement.


Reliability and Durability

Emphasizing quality, the STR400 robotic arm is built for demanding environments, ensuring unmatched durability and consistent performance. Rigorously tested and crafted with robust materials, it's not just reliable but now fully ready for real-world production. Depend on the STR400 for a long-lasting, efficient solution in your operational landscape.

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